June 15, 2021 2 min read

Whether your a seasoned crystal fanatic (read: addict), fellow ‘woo woo’ spirituality lover, or just dipping your feet into the pond of self-helpery, new- aged spirituality pond, you’ve probably come across an instagram post or two of someone showing off their gorgeous, sparkly crystal collection.


But what the heck are crystals anyway? And why are people so obsessed with them?!


In this month’s blog we’ll do a shallow dive into those burning questions.


First, what are crystals?


Crystals are gemstones formed deep within the the earth’s surface over many millennia and are believed to harness the many different elements of the Universe. These precious stones emit high (frequencies) vibrations and are believed to offer various mental, physical, and spiritual healing properties.


What do they actually do?


Whether you believe in the spiritual benefits or are more logical (read: left brain dominant) in nature, no one can deny the powerful effects of the placebo effect and the miracles that occur every day without science-backed research. Crystals work in the same mysterious way with some anecdotal evidence providing their ability to effect our bodies. It only makes sense as our bodies are electromagnetic and interacts with elements seen and unseen every day. Different crystals emit different frequencies which is why some people are drawn to some over others. Some of the more popular crystals & gemstones include:


Clear Quartz: Considered a “master healer” and is associated with energy clearing, amplification, and storage of memory.


Rose Quartz: Known for its ability heal relationships. Believed to attract universal and unconditional love.


Amethyst: Said to possess incredibly protective, healing, and purifying energy. Known to rid the mind of negative thoughts.


Citrine: Known as the “The Merchant Stone” or “The Success Stone", Citrine is often associated with manifesting wealth and abundance.


Ok, how do I use them?


The beauty of this explosion of alternative/complimentary medicine is that there are so many options available to incorporate crystals into your life. You can find many raw stones online or if you prefer to feel the stones in person, there are plenty of shops around the country just search for “new age or metaphysical shops near me” on yer googles! There are (…ahem) adult toys, coasters, water bottles, and my personal favorite: jewelry.


Hopefully this blog offers some clarity to these commonly asked questions surrounding the crystal | gemstone hype. As with all things esoteric, spiritual, or unknown, it requires a healthy dose of open-mindedness to experience what so many have found to be life-changing. 


For more information, you can check out the shop or continue your research as there are countless books, podcasts, and articles sprinkled throughout the internet.


Until next time beautiful soul 🌔

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