Who are you? ...And why should I buy from you?

Moonlight at Midnight Holistics was born out of a fascination and passion for the mind-body-spirit connection. This company was created by a Black Army Vet, turned Registered Nurse, turned Spiritual Junkie | Tree-Hugging Hippie.

Moonlight at Midnight seeks to assist those who desire to find healing in connecting to Mother Earth by aligning and honoring the body - mind - spirit.

All of our products are lovingly and intentionally handmade in small batches, just for you! 

Ok, I've purchased. What next?

Once you place an order, you should receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive your email, please check your spam/promotional folder. It's so rude but sometimes new/unfamiliar email addresses are sent there to die. If you still can't find it, reach out to our customer service: contact@moonlightatmidnight.com, and we can forward you another copy.

As soon as your order ships, our system automatically sends you a shipping confirmation email with your USPS tracking number. Click on the tracking number and you can access the tracking information.

All of that to say, make sure to add us to your "safe" emails so you won't miss any important info regarding your order. Also, we send out some pretty cool info and exclusive promos and you definitely don't want to miss out on that, right?

Ok, you've got me hooked! How can I stay in the know?

Yay! We love to hear it!!! First, we ask that you take 2 whole seconds of your life to leave a 5-star review on the website. If anything about your order is less than 5-stars, please (for the love of Oshun), LET US KNOW!

Next, find us on Instagram. It's where we're the most active and it's one of the easiest ways to contact us. 

Finally, interact-speak-talk... you know that thing where you acknowledge other people's existence? Yeah, do more of that. Tag us in a photo of you in your new necklace, tell us what products you'd like to see, or show us the results of your new skincare routine... you get the point.

...And welcome to the tribe! We are SO thankful for you!


What are my shipping options?


Please note orders placed via USPS First Class Mail (Standard Free Shipping) are not covered by USPS insurance per USPS policy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to select "priority shipping" when placing your order.

How long will it take to ship my order once it's complete?

  • Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Most items are shipped within 1-3 business days but that time may be extended during busier times of the year (ie holidays).

Can I edit my shipping address?

  • If your order has not yet shipped, email us at contact@moonlightatmidnight.com with your order number and updated address so we can adjust it for you. If your address needs to be changed, please let us know as soon as possible. Once a package has been assigned tracking we are unable to make adjustments.

My package is delayed! What gives?

  • We ship our packages through USPS as it is the most cost-effective and efficient option. Due to national supply chain and labor shortages, USPS' delivery times have shifted some. Moonlight at Midnight Holistics is a company that values kindness and acknowledges that everything is connected. Our country (and the world) is experiencing unprecedented changes, so we ask that you extend a little grace if your package is slightly delayed. If your values don't align with grace and compassion then we may not be the company for you. With that said, 99.9% of our packages arrive on time. 
  • During holiday seasons, orders may suffer a slight delay in shipment due to the increased volume of mail in circulation.

My package says it was delivered, but I haven’t received it! Did you scam me?!

  • On the rare occasion that a package is marked delivered but isn't physically delivered, we advise customers to first reach out to their neighbors to make sure the item wasn't placed in the wrong location. If that isn't the case, reach out to your local post office for further inquiry.
  • Once packages are shipped, they're in the possession of the mail carrier and they will be able to open an investigation to help locate your package. We are more than happy to provide proof of purchase, if needed.
  • USPS Customer Service: (800) 275-8777

* Moonlight at Midnight Holistics is not liable for delay in shipment caused by weather conditions, issues with international customs, or any other circumstances beyond our control caused by USPS but we are more than happy to provide any documentation needed to help with your case.




What’s your return policy?

We truly hope that you love your purchase from Moonlight at Midnight Holistics! If that's not the case, we gladly accept returns on all items within 14 business days of the delivery date. The product must be returned unused and in its original packaging. 

What is the return process?

To start your return, please email:



Email must include:

  • The name used to place the order
  • Your order number
  • Photo of the unopened item you'd like to return & brief description as to why you'd like to return your item. 


Please note buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. We will gladly provide you a return shipping label. This amount will be deducted from your refund. 


What if my order qualified for FREE shipping?


If you would like to return your items and your shipping was free you will receive back the price you paid minus the cost of shipping TO/FROM your location. 





    Will I receive the exact gemstone/crystal in the pictures?

    • No, each gemstone is just as unique as every person alive. Gemstones can vary in shade, color, and/or tone. Trust that the gemstone that you receive is meant just for you!


    How can I energetically cleanse my gemstones?

    • There are a variety of ways to cleanse your crystals. With jewelry, the safest method would be through smudging. To smudge, you simply pass your jewelry through the smoke of sage, Palo Santos, or incense, etc.



    What does gold-layered | plated mean?

    • Our gold-layered jewelry is electroplated with real 14k gold over (nickel and cadmium-free) brass OR silver. This process ensures the layering will last without tarnishing for a minimum of 2 years with proper care. Each necklace is packaged with a jewelry care card and an anti-tarnish tab for extra reassurance that your investment will last.

    * Please note, tarnish will accelerate when exposed to water, in high humidity areas, and with people who have higher pH levels on their skin. Lotions, sunscreen, perfume, hairspray can all also accelerate tarnishing.