The Goddess Cycle: Step Into Your Power | Women Empowerment Workbook to Attract Money, Love, and Success

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Have leggings and tanks become your maybe-I'll-work-out-today/PJs/I-can-wear-this-to-the-grocery-store-right(?!) outfit of choice?


Does your clumpy, crusted-over mascara let out a defeated sigh as you pass it by for the 7th month in a row to hop back in bed?

I get it.

These past few years have been Rough (with a capital R) BUT you have the power to change all of that and this course can help you get back to "nailing it" (Youtube Make-Up Guru Edition).

In our hyper-masculine society, vulnerability is often seen as weakness. We're conditioned to put on our 'happy faces', prioritize everyone and everything before addressing our own needs and desires.

And of course, there's the shame around not hustling or being a "boss bish" 24/7 |*insert eye roll here*|.

You know deep down that you're capable of more. Your life can be more and it all starts within.

Goddess Cycle is a 10-day, self-guided e-course created to guide you through the journey of self-love.
-The ultimate healer.

This course includes a mixture of practical and metaphysical techniques to ATTRACT more money, love, and success. Who doesn't want that?

An evolved Goddess can manifest the life she desires. She walks through life with a sense of knowing and confidence. She is creative and in touch with her Divinity. She lives life with purpose.

Goddess Cycle includes multiple journaling exercises designed to act as your therapist BFF (without the judgment or "I told you so"). It will assist you in unlearning the BS beliefs that derail our lives. These exercises, if completed with an open heart and mind, will assist you in finding profound healing by releasing toxic patterns. Self-love is the key to manifesting and co-creating with the Divine.

You'll learn how to:

🌔Organize your spiritual practice in a way that makes it easy to stay on track
🌔Set powerful intentions by finally getting clear on the details
🌔Release painful memories that block abundance, love, happiness
🌔Use your moon time to manifest
🌔Use and care for crystals
🌔Choose which crystals to use
🌔Enhance your intuition
🌔Increase your ability to manifest

As an additional gift, you'll receive the Goddess Essentials Worksheet, The Phases of the Goddess Cycle Handout, The Goddess Daily Planner, the Crystals for Beginners Series, and the 2024 Goal Setting Planner. These bonuses are designed to keep you on track with simple activities to be completed daily. These worksheets will provide some accountability to ensure you remain energetically aligned with the incredible, fulfilling new life you are creating.

Cheers to you Goddess! You deserve every blessing life can give!

Even if you've got it together, we all know a friend (or two.. or three) that could use a little help or motivation in life department. The only way to uplift the collective is to share what we know. This course makes an excellent gift for a bestie going through a breakup, divorce, general funk, etc.

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