18K Gold Astrology Zodiac Charm Necklace Set

Product Highlights:

Proudly display your zodiac sign with this gorgeous, dainty 14k gold filled necklace set!

Traits of each sign below:

Mar.21–Apr.19 ARIES. Fire element. Courageous, energetic, willful, commanding, leading. 

Apr.20–May 20 TAURUS. Earth element. Pleasure seeking, loves control, dependable, grounded, provokes slowly, and highly sensual in nature.

May 21–June 20 GEMINI. Air element. Cerebral, chatty, loves learning and education, charming, and adventurous.

June 21–July 22 CANCER. Water element. Emotional, group-oriented, seeks security, family.

July 23–Aug.22 LEO. Fire element. Generous, organized, protective, beautiful.

Aug.23–Sept.22 VIRGO. Earth element. Particular, logical, practical, sense of duty, critical.

Sept.23–Oct.22 LIBRA. Air element. Balanced, seeks beauty, sense of justice.

Oct.23–Nov.21 SCORPIO. Water element. Passionate, exacting, loves extremes, combative, reflective.

Nov.22–Dec.21 SAGITTARIUS. Fire element. Happy, creative, adventurous.

Dec.22–Jan.19 CAPRICORN. Earth element. Timeless, driven, calculating, ambitious.

Jan.20–Feb.18 AQUARIUS. Air element. Forward-thinking, communicative, generous, and dedicated.

Feb.19–Mar.20 PISCES. Water element. Likable, energetic, passionate, sensitive.


Each set includes: 20-in 18K Gold-Filled Snake chain with a stunning, 18-in 18K Gold Filled Herringbone Flat Chain. Proudly display your unique star sign or give as a gift to your favorite person.


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