2022 Moonlight at Midnight Holistics Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Moonlight at Midnight Holistics Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Jewelry Lovers

1. ROSE QUARTZ | 14K Gold Box Chain Pendant Necklace

2. APHRODITE | Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry Set

3. MERMAID TAIL 14K Gold Necklace

4. LUNA | 14K Gold Delicate Moon Necklace

5. Evil Eye | 14k Gold Evil Eye Bracelet

6. GARNET | 14K Yellow Gold Garnet Crystal Bar Necklace

7. EMERALD | 14K Gold Raw Green Emerald Drop Pendant Necklace

Self-Care Gifts

1. GLOW | Hydrating Whipped Shea Butter & Raw Honey Body Butter

2. The Goddess: Pink Himalayan & Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak

3. The Dreamer: Hair, Skin, and Nail Elixir

4. The HEALER | Coconut Milk & Calendula Bath Soak

5. Ease: Goat Milk & Oats Artisan Soap

6. COCOA SATIN | Skin Brightening Foaming Exfoliating Whipped Soap


Gifts for Candle Lovers

1. Christmas Tree Beeswax Candle

2. SWEATER WEATHER | 8 oz Beeswax Candle

3. Winter Cypress 8oz Beeswax Candle

4. Enchanted Forest 8oz Beeswax Candle

5. HONEY HILLS | 8oz Wood Wick Beeswax


Metaphysical Gifts for Spirit Junkies

1. Book of Manifestation | Manifesting Journal 

2. Manifestation Gift Box | Manifestation Journal | Manifesting Crystal Set

3. SPIRIT Smudge Kit | Organic White Sage | Palo Santo | Selenite Wand | Spiritual Cleansing Kit

4. Stay Wild, Moon Child | Celestial Tea & Coffee Mug

5. EVIL EYE | Evil Eye Protection Hoodie | Plush Boho Pullover


Gift Sets, Baskets, and more...

1. The Goddess Gift Basket

2. The Dreamer Gift Basket

3. HEALER Spa Gift Basket 

4. Self-Care | Skincare Mystery Box

5. SPIRITUAL | Crystal Jewelry Mystery Box


Stocking Stuffers

1. BLUSH | Organic Rose Clay & Rosehip Seed Oil Hydrating Soap

2. AMETHYST | Energetic Crystal Healing Necklace

3. Ethereal Facial Recovery Cream

4. The Remedy Facial Serum

5. LUNA | 14K Gold Delicate Moon Bracelet 

6. NOURISH | Organic Coconut Milk & Chamomile Artisan Soap

7. COCOA SATIN Body Butter


Too many ideas to choose from? Our gift cards take all of the guess work out of finding the perfect gift!



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